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[] I have two. From two different countries
[] Really, in an argument, always consider that you two might not be talking about exactly the same thing.

I sometimes try to ask “hey guys, what are we supposed to be talking about.” Ended more than half the arguments, and cleared up the rest to some extent.
[] “Just about 10 minutes North of the Sacramento Airport, on I-5!”
[] When I was low on funds I would go to Sephora to do my make up. They have testers on all of their products so you can “try on” as much as you want.
[] This is amazing 🙂
[] Boy was Klinger made when Hawkeye stole all his sausage casings
[] Minimum wage is not a living wage anywhere in north America.

For you to be able to comfortably live in a $700 apartment you’ll need to earn at minimum $2100/month after taxes. Or about $2600/month before taxes.

Or probably about 65-80 hours a week depending on what minimum wage is in your area.
[] Did you even see the car made of sticks?
[] “wheres the bathroom?”
“sorry, we don’t have a public bathroom ”
“so, what do you guys do? go outside?”
“no the bathroom is only for employees”
“so what am i supposed to do? who thought it would be a good idea to buld this place without a bathroom?”
“idk, i didn’t take part in constructiong the store. there’s one in The Gap across the street”
“i should just pee in that corner since you’re all so inconsiderate. how am i supposed to shop?!?”
“Ill have to call security and i don’t think thats necessary response, but i hope you have a good day.”
[] lol
[] Mostly air though.
[] I don’t have HBO nor do i live in a country with amazon. So i cant really chose anything. I am just feeling like that netflix doesnt have all the stuff i want to watch anymore, they lost the walking dead and some old school cartoons which sucks. I feel that sooner or later there will come a time to subscribe to more than one streaming service and i really don’t want to do that..
[] he seems thinking something very serious…
[] Should have given it to Hillary. That would have been funny.
[] But then he did a shit ton of training and is now a Hero for fun. Reffering to Cailou
[] “Why do you need my hand to take fingerprints?” I mean, because your fingers are attached?
[] And Amy Macdonald!
[] My go-to sick-as-dog-in-bed binge-watch.
[] I’m sure someone in Starbucks corporate is looking at this post and grinning.
[] They don’t need their name up in lights
[] My favorite Norm Bit
[] Maybe you do
[] plus they never even grabbed her boobies.