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Well, my wife thought it was funny. Heh
Every time one of these threads starts someone mentions this movie! I so wish Netflix would add it (I know you can get it if you have the DVD plan but we don’t). I’m really itching to watch it. I might cave and find it on a sketchy website for free.
The plan was to make it look like Harry died in the tournament. If he died on the first day of school it would be very suspicious whereas dying in the tournament would not.
No. Don’t spend money you don’t have yet.

0% loans tend to only exist on new cars, not used. On 63K a year, you should not be buying a car that expensive.
Good way to get someone to never buy it.


I mean, I get that it’s implied but there’s no need to be so on the nose about it.
Except that your fun will be spun into fear for people that don’t know any better, and distract from the reality that self-driving cars will save hundreds of thousands of lives.
Literally was listening to that line as I read your comment, wtf is going on.
You weren’t correcting any misconceptions, you were just arguing. I just pointed out that the range in which kids can be defined as colic is vast and you said nothing to disprove that point other than provide the threshold.

Of course they wouldnt list colic aa a reason of death in the study because it wasnt the colic that killed them, it was the parent. Posting a study is all well and good as long as its relevant to what we are discussing.
Classic liberal nonsense. Looks at post history Oh, color me surprised. “Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds.”
Instances of Bullshit, are on the Rise
This sounds like something for r/writingprompts
Maar ik will niet!
The trick to not be scared is to ground pound everything.
Haha yes I dont cross that bridge unless im forced lol
Fucking dumb

So where does the pvr or the xbox or the PS4 go?

in the fireplace. GETCHU A PC #pcmr
Sounds good. Keep dividing that 4 billion USD so the per capita (hehe) cost is even lower. You keep making my point for me. I’m out this bitch.
It’s probably mutagen.
Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

Why are bachelorette parties acceptable but bachelor parties are not?

They are both acceptable. They have potential to be very wil…bachelor or bachelorette.
You’re gonna enjoy r/indianpeoplefacebook/
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“Call girl!”

“No Cyril, when they’re dead they’re just hookers!”
Well, it’s up to the student whether that community college degree makes it easier to get a job or not.

There should be trades schools, no doubt about it, but how many employers of trades people now would prefer a cheap Mexican immigrant with no certification over a certified US worker?

In fact, any education at this point is no match for the forces of globalization. Except for surgeons, who actually have to be present in a room right here, how much of our healthcare can be handled by overseas doctors over Facetime? All those techs who read and evaluate our tests? They don’t have to be local or even inside the borders of the USA.

What’s going to be left if our engineering jobs go to India, our architecture, audio and visual design and editing jobs, too? The only thing left will be any teaching or describing our own culture, which is of less and less interest for millennials and beyond. Dog training? Plumbing? Electrical Engineering? Maybe, if we even have the money to pay those people in future.

We don’t need real music or real books anymore, apparently, since both can be farmed out to production houses.

What do you figure we will be left with if this globalization trend continues and increases only the bounty for the 1%ers?


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