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Free 10 Potty Training Tips
1. Wait until your child is ready. Start slow, and to pique interest, let your child watch you use the bathroom, let her pick out underwear decorated with her favorite character, and cheer her on if she does use the potty.
2. Look for the signs. Some great indicators that your child is ready are: he can stay dry for several house, has regular bowel movements, asks that a dirty diaper be changed, and shows interest in the bathroom.
3. Every child is different. Potty training is a normal process of development and when it occurs varies from child to child. Push it and you might end up back at square one.
4. Rewards can motivate. Some toddlers may need a little extra incentive other than hugs and praise. Give a piece of candy each time they use the potty or give them a sticker chart to use. Whatever road you take, emphasize what the child did rather than the reward.
5. Day and Nights are, well, like day and night. She may be a potty pro during the day long before she’s able to get through the night without an accident. It’s very natural to wet the bed up to 5 years of age.


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