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Top 10 Strangely Unique Schools You Wont Believe Actually Exist by AllTimeTop\r
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Most of students arrive at school in the morning with bookbag in hand, and return home in the afternoon with an armful of homework. They come back the next day to sit in rows of wooden desks facing a blackboard while the teacher writes down the answers to their assignments in chalk. \r
Here Are Top 10 Strangely Unique Schools You Wont Believe Actually Exist\r
10. Stratton Mountain School: located in Stratton, Vermont, defines itself as a winter sports academy. And they are serious about it since the school has sent fifty-three students to the Olympics, while ninety have been on national US teams.\r
9. Waldorf Schools: Waldorf education is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy.\r
8. Brooklyn Free School: Schools mission is education geared toward social justice. It engages students and staff in democratic decision making and problem solving. school has no grades, no tests, and no compulsory classes or homework.\r
7. Burgess Hill School: This school allowed its students to do pretty much whatever they wanted. Fancy a cigarette during class? No problem.\r
6. Walt Disney Elementary: decorate the school. Half a century later this school is still All things Disney, with classrooms and hallways devoted to Disney charers.\r
5. School of the Future: The Philadelphia School of the Future aims to explore ways to better prepare students for success in our digital world and global economy. digital lockers that uses a students ID card as a key.\r
4. Delphian School: Delphian was founded in the 1970s It is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school located in Sheridan, Oregon, and is open to students from around the world. some of the most famous celebrities, such as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, have trusted their kids education to it.\r
3. The Blue School: coeducational, secondary school might not have books, but it still costs about $32,000 a year to attend.\r
2. FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety: FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety and FDNY Fire and Emergency Medical Service Exploring Program alumni complete physical training.\r
1. Trabajo Ya School: school like no other; one that offers professional instruction in how to sell your body. Spains first prostitution school still faces legal challenges.\r
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