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Video Blog #55\r
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We are Andrew and Leah. Kai is our silly, rambunctious, and sweet little boy. We are capturing a little piece of our daily lives and the sweet memories we make together as a family.\r
Back in March 2016 we added a new addition to our family and got a Siberian Husky. We fell in love with the breed when a lost Siberian Husky wandered in our yard one day, and we fell in love with her. We ended up finding her owners and even though we were happy to reunite them, we were sad to see her leave us! After doing much research learning about the breed we decided we really wanted one! \r
He was born on February 4, 2016\r
He is the smartest, sweetest, and funniest dog! We love to hear him talk in his famous Siberian Husky voice. I plan on training him to talk on command. \r
He gets along great with our Sami (Husky/German Shepherd), and even our cat, Jovie! \r
Sometimes it feels like our house is a zoo but we wouldnt have it any other way!\r
The week we got the puppy was the same week as the season finale of The Walking Dead Season 6. So I had to name the puppy Norman after Norman Reedus. They had me scared that they killed Daryl off that week!




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