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Dog Training and Obedience

This is a series of videos to introduce new dog owners to successful
dog obedience and training.

The best way to have a successful relationship with your dog is to invest time
and effort in learning how to control your dogs behaviour.

For the benifits of a healthy dog and good temperament you need to start dog
training and obedience classes when your dog is a young puppy.

With puppy training you can learn how to teach your dog the following

how to walk with a leash in public.

Teach your puppy dog not to chew.

Learn how to stop dog barking at an early stage.

Make dog training and obedience much easier by the use of a clicker for the best results.

Find how to cure dog separation anxiety when you are away from the home.

When travelling and in the home get your dog to love their crate or cage with
Crate training sessions.