Added by on December 19, 2018

I Sit and Stay is a unique safety guide for all children and parents who enjoy the outdoors. As families explore the natural beauty of America’s national parks, forests, and wilderness areas, they need to be prepared. A child’s disappearance while camping or hiking is every parent’s greatest fear. Leah Waarvik, a dedicated search-and-rescue professional, empowers children by showing them how to help themselves, and educates parents about a subject that most know little about. I Sit and Stay uses real-life search-and-rescue dogs to teach the lessons that can save lives. The cute and talented dogs, Emma and Koa, make being lost less scary. They teach kids what special items to carry and how to use them to stay safe, and give kids tips to assure being found if they get lost. Rescue professionals agree that these are the most important things to remember, and no other book offers this vital information.