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Life Lessons After Facing Death with Ryan Matthews on The Alison Donaghey Show

Alison Donaghey, A cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author, talked on June 19th, at 1 pm PDT, with Ryan Matthews.

They spoke about ‘Life Lessons After Facing Death’

Ryan Matthews, a decorated veteran took his experience training elite Army K-9’s to the civilian pet dog training market and built a dog training empire making close to a million dollars in 2.5 years. He successfully trained over 3,000 pet dogs using his proven formula that works for any dog of any age. Despite Ryan’s success, his childhood trauma, along with combat PTSD (deployment to Iraq with Army K-9 Zito,) caused him to become a workaholic. Resulting in multiple near death experiences. Currently, Ryan is a published author of “The Art of Dog Training”, as well as an inspirational speaker giving talks on PTSD and transformation, to include a TEDx talk “Overcoming PTSD With Dog Training Techniques.”

Your host, Alison Donaghey, instigates new ways of thinking. Alison creates space and strategy for people to question the status quo which leads to improvements not only in their lives but in the world.

We invite you to join us at The Alison Donaghey Show and rock the edge with us. We explore controversial topics that provide conversation to expand perspective. Our rock star guests and call in listeners help you to suspend your belief. Think Opposite – Proceed with Perspective.

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