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More than 40 percent of people in Korea take care of pets at home.
Looking to tap into the multi-billion dollar market,… a wide range of services are popping up catering to people who are willing to drop big money to make sure their four-legged friends are happy and healthy.
Seo Eun-kyung tells us more.

Every morning, Mr. Gaebi feels a rush of excitement, looking forward to playing with his classmates.
He’s arriving at a kindergarten for young pups.

“When I was in the office, I monitored my dog through a security camera and it looked alone and helpless. He has become livelier since going to kindergarten.”

From early morning to evening, the kindergarten’s daily schedule is packed full of various activities that foster social skills, physical strength and relive stress.

“Working women of all age groups are our major customers. Puppies release their stress by playing with the other animals.”

Among the activities, nosework is especially popular with the class.
Nosework is training for dogs to find hidden snacks using their sense of smell.
Because dogs release stress largely through their sense of smell, it’s a fun challenge.

Customized activities aimed at improving the dogs’ physical health are also offered.
Dogs, small and medium sized ones in particular, often suffer from knee problems.
Jumping or going under hurdles and balance exercises help to strengthen their related muscles.

“More and more people see their pets as companions or an extension of their family. As a result, a bunch of new services, including puppy kindergartens, have popped up. It’s hoped such services boost the wellbeing of pets and their owners.”

Miss Park is taking her cat to a vet.
The cab she is taking is a taxi solely dedicated to pets.
Both pet and owner are comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Though it’s more than twice the price of a regular taxi, more and more people are making use of the service.

“Our services are mainly used by women of all ages who either own a large pet or several animals.”

“When my cat got sick last year, taxi drivers refused to give us a ride to the hospital and bus passengers looked annoyed. A ride-hailing service for pets solved the issue.”

With a multi-billion dollar market size expected this year and more growth projected, more unique and eye-catching services are likely to continue bursting on to the scene.
Seo Eunkyung, Arirang News.