Added by on August 6, 2018

Petco Launches
PetCoach Store Petco’s new store, PetCoach,
resembles a cross between a
veterinary hospital and a grooming salon
with the convenience of Amazon Go. The first PetCoach location made its debut in San Marcos, California, last week. Shoppers can pay a monthly
fee of $9 to access an array of discounted PetCoach services. Perks include free on-site vet visits,
grooming, training, nutrition consultation
and day care and dog walking, to name a few. The mobile app and website
are closely integrated.
You can even get virtual
access to veterinarians. There are no dedicated cashiers
or registers. “Pet coaches” assist shoppers
through scheduled appointments or
check them out via iPad minis. There are plans to integrate
aspects of the PetCoach
concept into regular
Petco stores across the U.S.