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Preparing Your Home for a Puppy Dog – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Some of the essential things that you will want to have when bringing a new puppy home are a safe containment system for your puppy, or a management system. Now we talked about a crate, there are different varieties of crates. There are those exercise pan, that is also available. A dog run can be used, and then a combination of a dog run, a dog door and a dog crate can also be used in your home to safely contain the puppy when you cannot be supervising them. Obviously, we want to have food and water. Different training tools that we are going to be looking at will be-wanting-to-teach-them walking on a leash, so any kind of leash that you are comfortable with is going to be helpful. This is a six-foot nylon leash here. And then, a collar, a flat-buckle collar will work, just something that the puppy gets used to, OK? And, you want to have treats available so that when you are teaching him you can- and this kind of a neat, treat pouch; it is also a toy that the dog can tug with. And then inside we can open this up and actually- whoops, there is a treat falling out, OK? So there is a variety of kinds of treat pouches available. This is a fun toy that the dog can chase on the ground, and it is got a little bit of a handle-to-grab, and it is also great for in the water. You want to have some kind of carpet cleaner because you are going to have some kind of accidents, hopefully fewer than- and something to chew on this shape. This is a marrow bone. The marrow has been chewed out. I like to freeze them and then let the dog have them in the crate, where he can spend some time working out his-need-to-chew. Anything else that is safe that he is not going to chew up and ingest. If you see him doing that, take that toy away, but those are all good starting props for your new puppy.


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