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Registration Document for Puppy Dogs – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Selecting your puppy from a breeder, one of the things that we all want to ensure we are emotionally invested obviously in our new puppy, is that we have a healthy pet. Asking the breeder for any information that they have that shows tha they have had certain testings done, you want to do your research on your breed and just put it in through the internet what kind of health options can this breed have and you will come up with a list of things that may be genetic dispositions for that particular breed. For instance, dobermans have a history of having cardiomyopathy, so has your breeder been testing for this in the light. Hip dysplasia and colieye are common tests that we will do for a dog. So, your registration papers may show that your dog is OFA that is a hip dysplasia clearing and it will be rated as excellent or good or fair or poor. If your breeder cannot provide that information for you then you may want to select another breeder that is being conscientious about what they’re breeding for.