Added by on March 9, 2019

Puppy Food and Water Tips – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. It can be really confusing to figure out how much to feed your puppy. Often times it really depends on the size and the breed and so it is very important to check with your vet in terms of the amount to feed your pup and consider it the kind of food that you are feeding. A lot of people choose kibble and there are so many kibbles on the market now and I think it is really important to find something that is made with really high-quality products and not byproducts. Most puppies, after they are ten or eleven weeks, usually are eating two times a day. But it is not just what they eat, it is how they eat. It is really important, again, to talk about, to have them take a meal they have to eat and work to get their food out. It is much more satisfying for them and it slows down their eating and they can get their kibble out rather than just serving them their meal like we are waiters in a restaurant. Puppies are not interested in going to restaurants. Nutrition though, I think when they are young, it is really a great time to start developing their digestive variety. Their ability to really just digest a lot of food and give them healthy foods and vegetables. It is great for growing puppies. There is a lot of stuff that is really great for them and then there is stuff that is poisonous so you want to make sure you do not feed them grapes or raisins, chocolate, and check and make sure you get a list of what is harmful, what foods are harmful to puppies. But cantaloupe, apples, carrots all can be yummy and all can be fed out of a food bowl, a kong, or out of your hand and your puppy will love them. So, your puppies are your children and you want them to eat as well as you want your human children to eat. So consider what you feed them. Consider how you feed them. Remember that they can get as much nutrition out of fruits and vegetables as we can. So, experiment with healthy things and make sure you know what is not safe for them, as well.