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This clear, easy-to-use guide to dog training and behavior modification offers a refreshingly simple, one-stop resource for new owners, and a lifetime of ready-reference for veterans–all illustrated in the signature DK style. This paperback edition of Dr. Bruce Fogle’s useful guide to dog training will be a welcome presence in any dog owner’s library for years to come. Endorsed by the ASPCA and written by a renowned veterinarian and animal behaviorist, this indispensable guidebook presents a state-of-the-art approach to training dogs of all ages by employing a system of positive-reinforcement techniques including food rewards and praise. From the opening chapter on “Your Dog’s Mind,” in which Dr. Fogle actually explains how dogs think, the reader will realize that he or she is in capable and uncommonly perceptive hands. This chapter lays the foundation for understanding such fundamentals as the differences between breeds and how to give effective commands. Training tips run the gamut from the basics of sitting and lying down to walking and heeling. It is a sign of Dr. Fogle’s understanding of owners’ concerns that he also makes room for a priceless essay on dogs and children. This book’s deep well of information also features a chapter on “Overcoming Bad Habits” that will prove invaluable to new and veteran dog owners alike with its creative approaches to universal challenges including pulling on the leash, refusing to come, chasing vehicles and problems in cars. This troubleshooting guide is presented in a reassuring tone and offers realistic and humane solutions. In the signature DK style, this most trusted of dog-training guides is filled with color photographs that make the techniques easy to follow.
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