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Hi, my name’s Heather I have two small children a two and a half year old and a wardrobe so potty training has been going on in our house for six months. Maybe longer it’s not going so well pretty much we tried everything charts the stickers the rewards if you could try it we’ve tried it pretty lantus.
We’re not getting it it’s taking a lot longer than I hope recently I came across an ebook start potty training. well after reading it we’ve decided that we’re going to go ahead and clear our schedule for the next three days.
That way we can focus solely on her daughter and her needs the book says that the first day is the hardest you have to be able to be there and focus solely on your child and you got to catch each and every time you need to go.
Pee or poop it also tells you what the signs and symptoms are that they have to go to the bathroom which since she doesn’t always tell me what she has to go was very valuable to know the book. Also goes over the signs of readiness to be potty trained which my eldest already.
Ready but it’s good to know for my youngest because hopefully she’ll be potty trained within the next year. It also tells you how to get the family ready to potty train a child as well we need to be trained a little bit to chapter this dresses what to do how to get them to wipe their own bottoms chapter.
The difference between potty training a boy to a girl if your child’s older. If you have twins or multiples it
also discusses what to do. If you try to potty train a child that has Asperger’s or autism or Down’s syndrome or another diagnosed disorder what happens when yot public and your child really needs to go to the bathroom search crying and there’s not a potty in sight what do you do the book discusses that.