Added by on November 18, 2016

This video course is for those, who’d like to take an extra step and go deeper in mastering his/her combat skills. From three days of instructor’s seminar, we created a video course that contains combat exercises that you won’t find in any other DVDs. This video course is a unique combination of various aspects of Russian Spetsnaz training.

• Learn the major differences between the Russian Systema Spetsnaz style and other martial arts: what should you focus on, and how to avoid common mistakes to make your training more effective.
• Safe falling techniques: how to fall and roll on a concrete without hurting yourself.
• Development of flexibility: to better perceive your body and work with weapons (knife and gun)
• Combat with multiple opponents in a limited space
• Powerful strikes: triple strikes, cross principle, “bear paw” strikes, penetrating strikes
• Development of the inner energy & intuition: the “bridge” exercise
• Grabs, chokes and holds releases: the “book” technique and knuckle strikes
• Testing knowledge in real situation: self-defense against an angry dog and biting techniques

And… a good sense of humor played a big part in this training. Bring your practice to a higher level and have a lot of fun during the process!