Added by on November 12, 2018

Stuffies are so good to be a guard dogs. Unfortunately, this situation comes into a nap time. Look at the dog in this video to see what happens
Why you cant count on a staffy to protect your house from burglars…Actually this depends on the dog. One of ours is great and I have no fear that someone will come into the house uninvited when he is around. Our boy on the other hand, would be wagging his tail and wanting them to pay attention to him. Most dogs are instinctively protective of their owners and families. However, not all dogs know how to effectively protect their family in a threatening situation. Training your dog to have the skills he needs to warn off an attacker before the situation escalates provides effective protection. Some breeds are more naturally protective than others and harnessing and directing these behaviors so you have an effective protection dog will prove more successful than training a dog that lacks confidence. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of those naturally protective dogs. Sometimes ‘Staffies’ are referred to as ‘The Nanny Dog’ because of their ability to guard and because they are naturally good with small children in their home. This trait can be harnessed to make a ‘Staffie’ an excellent protection dog as his instinct is to guard and protect his ‘people’ from threats.
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