Added by on November 29, 2018

Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. So there is, you know, not much different of cleaning a dog’s teeth as basically cleaning ours, you just wanna make sure that you get them really good but the main thing is, is to have something that is parable for them, and something that they like. So there are different types of dog tooth pastes, bone mill and stuff like that. They have these low rubber fingers that you can put on, that have little indentions and ridges in them, and I would first practice with my dog, I put like some peanut butter something on my finger and I let my dog lick it off and I get them used to that first, so I am not just rim in my dog, my finger in my dog’s mouth. So then you can just start with that, you can start after you desensitized your dog to having your finger in their mouth, just go behind and get like each tooth and get it like that, and make it works a fun thing for the dogs. So if the dog likes, you know , you have done it other times with peanut butter or liverwurst or whatever, and then somewhere you actually go to toothbrush your dog’s teeth, it is just another one of those games where mum is sticking her finger in my mouth again.