Added by on November 12, 2016

Tips on Crate Training Your Dog – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. There are a lot of obvious tips about crate training. I am going to give you some. If you look online you will see a bunch of them. One thing is just to make sure the crate obviously is appropriate size for the dog and appropriate size for its age. An adult dog can have a bigger crate because you are not trying to do house breaking with it. It is just a containment area. So I would make sure that you look at the crate. Is it something that you like? Is it something that is going to fit into your lifestyle? A lot of people have all these decorative crates. Depending on if you have some that are tables that spin around and the interior of the table is a crate. So you can get very creative with that. If you are a person that travels a lot you might want to get a portable crate. There are the crates that are travel crates, they are hard and actually travel in cargo or in airplanes or stuff like that. And then there are also the ones that just a zip around and they are just pop up, and those are good for just going to the park or wherever. You want to make sure that its the crate that is comfortable for your dog as well. If you have arthritic dog, you want to make sure that the bottom has a nice thick padding. One way to get your dog to get used to being in a crate is to obviously feed it in the crate. I teach my dogs to crate up anytime they get any kind of treat or anything like that. I make them go in their crate to get it. I make sure that if it is summer time, it has a fan near it, or it is near an air-conditioning vent. I also provide those cooling beds that are great to put in there. So it makes it that much more comfortable for the dog to be in there. In the winter time if you have a dog that has really thin hair, you might want to put, there are warming beds as well. You might want to put a heating pad in there. You just want to check and make sure that that is all safe. I do a hide and seek game in there where I will hide toys underneath their bed and I will start the game out here. I will be like “Hide and seek, hide and seek” and they start looking and I say, “What about your crate?” I teach them to run into their crate and then that is where the big crescendo treat is. So whenever I ask them to crate up, they go in there and start looking for stuff. So I do make it work, it is a really happy place for them to be. Another helpful hint for teaching your dogs to like to go into the crate and stuff is putting the crate in the room that you spend a lot of time in. Crates in laundry rooms and stuff like that is really banishment from the pack. Dogs do not particularly consider that a den. But if it is in the area that you spend a lot of time in then there is a lot of concentration of your odor in those rooms and it is in rooms they are used to being outside the crate laying on the ground with you watching TV. So those are also good places to have your crates, so it is a nice fun family place for your dog as well. For some dogs that live in high rises and do not get much stimulation during the day, we have put bird feeders outside the window. So if you have a dog that is going to bark the whole day, you want to check and make sure that that is not the dog you are doing the bird feeder on. Putting a bird feeder outside of a window where the dog is at is a lot of fun for dogs to be able to watch that visual versus just sitting there.