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Trimming Your Dog’s Hair Around Eyes – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When you want to go and trim a dog’s hair around their eyes, I highly suggest that you take the dog to a groomer, especially if the dog has a lot of hair because it can be very dangerous. Your dog can do a jump and you want to make sure that you know what you are doing. So I would first desensitize my dog to the sounds of scissors. You can sometimes just get your scissors like here to a dog and they are like “What is that?” Or they have had some association with scissors at a groomers that is not a very good association. I just do scissor sounds and I will give them a treat. Scissor sounds, I will put the scissors like this and give them a treat. So I am getting used to the scissors being around their face. I also play a game with them that I put the my hand over their eyes because I definitely want to cover their eyes to make sure that if I do slip that I do not do any injury to them. So I kind of do it like this and I play a game with them. Sometimes I let them lick my finger and get the peanut butter thing still. Then I will take it longer and longer and have the dog relax. Maybe teach them a settle command. Then I will get the hair to go over my hand and then I will clip it like this. So I am always putting my hands so that the dog’s face is protected.


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