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In our Pet shops in Port Elizabeth stocks a wide range of pet health products and premium pet food. Our receptionists and sales staff undergo continuous training and are qualified to answer your questions on these products. In addition, at our Algoa Park animal clinic
We offer puppy classes and the services of a qualified animal behaviorist “preventative health care plan” is available, aimed at keeping the bond between you and your family pet a happy, healthy and long one.
Our vets in Port Elizabeth team is committed to offering the best veterinary service to the pets (and their owners) of Port Elizabeth. We are here to ensure that your pet enjoys the best possible health and well-being.
Vet in Port Elizabeth is the best vet in the area. Port Elizabeth vet is highly trained, full-time staff of veterinarians and veterinary technicians whom are dedicated to providing you and your pet with the highest quality veterinary services.
So, if you have pet, or you are animal lovers, this video is for you.
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