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Tips on Preparing Your Dog for Grooming – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. To reduce dog’s anxiety for taking them to a groomer’s is really getting them to use to all the products and all the equipment that the groomer is gonna use. You know, sometimes the shampoos’s got a lot of sense to them so you might want to get your dog used to that. That old factory overload of the smells, get them used to clippers, I just clippers, I have clippers around that I will touch my dog’s feet with, give him a treat, touch their feet, give them a treat. As they are growing up, as they are puppies too, you wanna do a lot of things with their feet, just so they get used to that. Desensitize them to clippers, the sound of sheers, you know, the turning on and off, the sound of a vacuum cleaners, the sound of a blow dryer, all that. So you are really getting all these sounds to be not sounds that have a bad association, they have a good association. I will put, my fans are good, also have fans at a dog’s crape, because their hair blows back and a lot of times they are gonna be in a crate, and that is how they are being dried. But I also put the cooling on my hair dryer and sometimes play a game of my dog where he is eating something, and I just kind of blow his hair around like that so he is used to it, it is not a big deal when he goes to the groomer. I take my dogs to the groomer, let the groomer give them some treats and we leave. So there is not every single time we go to the groomer does my dog have to experience this thing that might be uncomfortable or scary to them. I have desensitized them to them as time is going along.


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