Added by on October 3, 2016

What People Miss When Getting a Puppy Dog – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Some of the things that can be underestimated from a new pet owner is the time requirement that a new puppy is going to have. In the very beginning, the first six months, he is really requiring a lot of management: getting him out, getting the house training under control, making sure that he is supervised at all times, or he is going to be getting himself into trouble. The other important factor is the time that you will need to take the dog out and socialize him. If he is never gone out of the house until he is four months of age, it would be like your teenager not going to school until they were 13 years of age. So, you want to do early socialization and maybe your veterinarian does not want him out in a public park, but going to a coffee shop and sitting where the dog can see things and hear things is going to be very helpful for him. Money, so, we all have the financial aspect when we get a new puppy. We have the veterinarian expense, the vaccinations. We have the spay or the neuter. We have the food invested. Then, we have the training tools, the crate, and all the various toys that we are going to buy him. And then, the investment in training. And so, all of these things make a considerable investment and we want to make sure we are prepared for all of the requirements, including the correct temperament for your goals, and your activity, and your lifestyle.